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Our new stream-based service is now available starting from 59e per month.

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For the public space, DJ Online is currently the only music service with real intelligence. Whether your needs cover background muzak, commercial uses, a jukebox or any imaginable combination of the above, we can provide you with a service fully customized to your personal parameters or the tailored requirements of your company. DJ Online creates – and after a small period of usage also learns to predict – the ambience best suited to your needs.

DJ Online is a constantly evolving Finnish music service that combines technology and utility. When you choose us, you choose music and moods curated by a sound designer. The beating heart of our system is a always a human being. Our patented technology is there to serve the music professional – not the other way around. And this unique set-up guarantees that no two music experiences from us are ever the same.

Desirable and variable music is the key to making your customers and employees alike feel at ease, smile and enjoy themselves. Because the DJ Online music service is so flexible, it will fit and adapt to your every need. Whatever the situation, whatever the space. The style is always tailored to your personal requirements and the different themes can be timed to change by the hour, or however often you choose. And because the DJ Online music library is constantly growing, you will always have access to the perfect tunes to suit your demands.

The unique Smart Distribution technology by DJ Online ensures that you get the right music at exactly the right time. Not forgetting that the stock is constantly updated which guarantees a varying and fresh, yet familiar soundscape for your brand and business. You no longer need to wade through tens of millions of tracks when an expert from DJ Online does the legwork and chooses the perfect music personalized just for you.

When choosing DJ Online you can rest assured that individual customer care is available 24/7. You can just relax and enjoy the continuous flow of music. DJ Online will assume full responsibility for the utility of the hardware and the software. And satisfying you.

With DJ Online, the music never stops. Until you want it to. Even when network problems arise.

With us, the big picture is always overseen by a man, not by a machine. So you will always receive new and suitable music to fit your desired mood and ambience.

Furthermore, your individual music channel can easily be taken to the next level by introducing commercial content to the music flow.

For a full decade, the music specialists at DJ Online have provided customized background music for numerous sites and locales ranging from hotels, sports centers and shopping malls to restaurants, bars and pubs. Our system is even used by professional DJ’s as an auxilliary tool in their work. Isn’t it about time you tried as well?

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Targeted electronic advertising is a guaranteed way of getting more revenue and power. From DJ Online your company gets a tailored marketing channel where you can advertise your campaigns, announce the daily lunch menu or communicate with both staff and clients in an effortless manner. With full attention to the particular needs of your brand, DJ Online designs and creates the content and the mood of your channel letting you concentrate on the areas where your company excels. And the co-operation does not end there: DJ Online also provides your business with an all-inclusive updating service. Effortless and carefree, give it a shot!

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The DJ Online Jukebox is the perfect way for taking your client along for the ride and letting them participate in creating the mood. Our revised jukebox functions through a mobile page which is now also easily accessible through a QR code scan. On this page your client can choose their favourite tracks from a list customized especially for the requirements of their space.

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